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Have you ever thought about practicing yoga in Fiji? Regardless of whether you're visiting for travel, work, holidays, or with family; you can take the opportunity to enjoy your stay in a different way that will be memorable and maybe even a life changing experience. While looking at day tours, cruises, beaches, attending a wedding or a conference, think about taking some time out for yourself to rejuvenate, relax and refresh your mind and body.


Never done yoga before?


Trying something new can be daunting, especially if you aren't sure what to expect and many people hesitate about going to a yoga session for the first time. Don't worry - everyone feels the same way!


Yoga is not about doing postures perfectly or comparing yourself to others or being as good as everyone else. Yoga is all about focusing on yourself and your own practice, you don't need to worry about anyone watching you, they will also be too busy also focusing on themselves!

Why do YOGA?
What are the benefits?


Have you been wanting to join a yoga class because you heard about the mental, physical and emotional benefits? Maybe you have tight muscles and painful joints and know you would feel better if you could find some way to work through these areas? Perhaps you struggle to manage stress and anxiety during the day or find it difficult to sleep at night? You don't even need a specific reason to realise the benefits of doing yoga - come along and see for yourself the balance that you can bring to your life!

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