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Pacific Fitness Gym

Lot 7. Industrial Estate

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji

Overlooking ocean on the deck at

Neptunes Restaurant

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Yoga Locations

Scheduled yoga sessions are mostly held on Denarau Island which is conveniently the centre for tourism in the west and where the major international hotels are located. Other locations can be arranged for one-off classes or for special events (as pictured above), simply contact me for information.

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Teacher - Alana Tilly

I practiced martial arts in my early teens and after sustaining injuries from playing other contact sports such as rugby and soccer, I decided to put my energy towards a practice that would heal and rehabilitate my injuries rather than causing more damage. I tried a number of different styles of yoga as well as pilates, and for many years enjoyed Bikram Yoga - a physically and mentally intensive yoga style that was challenging all-round and I found great benefits for mind and body. I now  practice of a range of styles and enjoy sharing yoga both one-on-one and in group sessions.