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Why walk..... when we can fly!

So.. just to clarify one thing - I am not suggesting that we all attempt advanced yoga asana (yoga postures). I mean more in a metaphorical sense; why should we walk about in our life in a less than fulfilling way, when we could be truly engaged on all levels and experiencing our days embracing our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses.

Like many people, I began my yoga journey for the physical benefits. I led a busy city life and needed a 'one stop shop' where I could get everything at one time; a workout, stretch, sweat, calm, stillness, the chance to lie down to sleep at night with that feeling of wonderful balance when your mind and your muscles are adequately fatigued to sink into a peaceful slumber and your day is complete. I didn't realise that over the years with this focus on my daily physical practice, yoga was slowly changing me from the inside out. My perspective on life changed, I discovered more patience for myself and for others. I found I could rationalise and reason with more calmness, I became more understanding of people's actions and words and more aware of my own. I found it easier to focus more on what I believed to be more important ethically and morally, and not to feel influenced or concerned with what others or society expected. For those of you that didn't know me in my 20's I was known for my fiery, extroverted, argumentative, strong and sometimes explosive character. It was surprising to me that in the last month, I have been referred to as 'calm' by three separate people. I found this quite amusing as I still often see myself internally as that hot-headed 20-something year old. I now see that this is what part of the journey of yoga is; it isn't just a class that you turn up to, although this can often be the start of the journey as it was for myself and possibly for you too. It isn't a religion, a cult, for hippies, for super flexible people, or for toned women in their 20's - yoga is literally for anyone and everyone. Throughout history and all the self-help books and 'How to be Happy' books, the ancient practice of yoga has always been there with its aim of reaching enlightenment (often also known as 'peace' or 'happiness'). It is more than just the physical postures and benefits and there the more you discover, the more intriguing it becomes. We all have the choice to move towards self-realisation; the ability to achieve freedom from the demands around us. To learn how true happiness comes from fulfilling our own potential and lifting those around us, enabling us to 'fly' rather than just walk through life with one foot in front of the other. So come along and see what this journey might look like for you. It might release lower back pain and tight hamstrings, or it might be the start of positive change in your life!

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